About Us

Company Profile

YOGESHWAR POLYMERS is an India based company offering packaging solutions since 1984. Our expertise team of professionals gathered in depth knowledge on printing and flexible packaging technology to offer best custom made solutions.


Yogeshwar Polymers is committed to comply with requirements of its customers by satisfying their needs of consistent high quality and timely deliveries.
  • Continuous Improvement in Technology.
  • Supplying the quality product meeting national/ international Standard on time & every time.
  • Optimum utilization of its resources for productivity and cost effectiveness.
  • Involvement of employees through training and development motivating them.


Yogeshwar polymers satisfy their customers by meeting their expectation and needs, both in terms of product quality, expert manpower, latest technology, and research & continue development.

Our mission

Remain a Leading Supplier of Packaging Material
Our innovative approach helps us to stand out from the competition. The outstanding quality of our products is comparable with any overseas brand.